EPITA'S industry partnerships : Bridging Academia and Industry

epita students interacting with their industry partners
Education is essential for everyone. It helps shape our thoughts and lives. What we learn today forms the building blocks of a strong and booming economy. Over the years, we have seen a difference between the knowledge acquired in school and its practical application in the professional world. To fix this gap, unlike traditional schools, EPITA curriculum is a mix of theoretical learning and practical applications. The real game-changer is EPITA's industry partnerships. Their collaborations with industry leaders bridge the gap between academics and industry. Are you wondering how? By giving students a taste of real-world challenges. Their hands-on experience serves as their pathway to success and results prove the effectiveness of their teaching methods. So what does this mean? This shows us that with the right approach, we can minimise the gap between education and the demands of the industry. 

why epita collaborates with industry partners
The traditional disconnect between the functioning of educational institutions and industries has led to a situation in which fresh graduates need help to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry. As both sectors are evolving at breakneck speeds, Academia-Industry collaborations are essential. It is the key to a future where our engineers are not just educated, but employable and ready to tackle their challenges. Companies now look for more than just students with degrees. They want people with the right skills, quickly adaptable to new working methods and contribute to the company's success. This means that students must either be at their best or risk missing out on the job opportunities. Thanks to EPITA's well-thought-out courses, students are industry-ready upon graduation. It comes as no surprise that these students are prepared to contribute from day one of their jobs. Now you know why EPITA's top industry recruiters hire their graduates! 

Some of EPITA'S leading recruiters, industry partners and corporate partners are:-

1.   Google
2.   Microsoft
3.   Capgemini
4.   IBM
5.   Kantar
6.   Deloitte
7.   TCS
8.   Airbus
9.   Safran
10. Dassault Systems 

EPITA is a renowned engineering school in France, known for its industry-oriented computer science and information technology courses. EPITA courses are aligned to meet the ever-changing industry demands and equally focus on real world applications. They collaborate with top IT companies to help students get ready for real jobs after they graduate. In this blog, we're going to talk about how EPITA's corporate partnerships with these companies are making a big difference in the lives of the upcoming engineers. 

epita industry academia collaborations
1. Hands-on learning experience with EPITA's industry partners: In today's society, many students graduate with excellent grades. However, when they start working, they often struggle to implement their acquired knowledge. This is because theoretical knowledge is not enough. EPITA does not simply focus on memorising from the books. It believes that it is really important to do real time applications to profit from our knowledge. If we only learn things in class without seeing how they're used in the real world, we're missing out on an important aspect of skill development. But when we actually use what we've learned on real projects alongside professionals, we understand much better how things work and what problems we can encounter. With EPITA's corporate tie-ups, students are more ready for real jobs than if they only knew the theory. It's like the difference between reading how to drive a car and actually driving one.

2. Professional feedback on Curriculum from EPITA's industry partners: Educational institutions must keep up with job market changes, or their teaching can become obsolete. An old teaching plan can introduce students to a subject, but it won't help them use what they've learned in real jobs. That's why EPITA makes sure their courses match what jobs today need. They work with companies to make their courses better. Company experts share their knowledge and expertise, which helps EPITA design their courses and teach students the skills they need for work. This is why students from EPITA are ready to work in their field right from the first day of their job.

epita corporate tie ups and student learning experience
3. Internships and apprenticeships with EPITA's corporate partners: Working with a mentor or someone with a lot of experience is very helpful. When students work on important projects together with industry experts, they learn a lot. They don't just learn about how to do the job, but also how companies work. With EPITA's industry tie-ups they learn about working in a team, solving problems, getting past challenges, finishing work on time, and more. This gives students a great chance to dive deep into learning what professionals do best and keep up with new trends in the market.

4. Collaborative research with EPITA's industry partners: When people who work in the industry team up with students for research, it's a beneficial association. Both sides learn from each other because they see things differently. This kind of learning makes students more interested in what they're studying. It makes them want to learn more deeply instead of just memorising facts. When students and researchers work together, they can tackle bigger problems. This teamwork of leading industry partners with EPITA helps students understand important issues better, look at problems in new ways, and come up with new solutions by using AI. This teamwork benefits both educational institutions and companies.

list of epita industry collaboration and tie ups
5. Employment with EPITA's leading industry recruiters: Not all graduates find a job easily. This is often because there's a big difference between what students learn in colleges and what jobs actually need. Sometimes, the things taught in the university are not used anymore in the real world. So, when a student secures a job, they might find it hard to implement what they have learned because their knowledge is outdated. In some cases, they have absolutely minimal or no industry exposure. To overcome this hurdle, graduates need to undertake additional training to be ready for their jobs. EPITA knows about these challenges and has created courses that really help students get ready for real jobs. EPITA works closely with their corporate partners, so students have many chances to get internships, jobs, and meet people who can guide them in their careers. Because of EPITA's tough courses and hands-on training, their graduates are in high demand for different jobs. 

epita recruitment and career opportunities
EPITA's close partnership with companies to help connect school learning and real world work. This partnership makes learning better, leads to new ideas, and helps students do well in the fast-changing tech field. It helps students learn by doing things that are similar to what they would do in real jobs. Students learn what they need to succeed in the workplace. They get to do internships, work on projects with others, and learn by actually doing things, not just studying. By working together, sharing knowledge, and giving students real work experience, EPITA gets its students ready to really make a difference in the tech world and have a big impact on technology all over the world. So say yes to the new learning methods and make yourself employable with the leading industry partners.